Our services

Content in action!

Marathon Group specializes in providing e-Learning solutions customized to the client’s requirements:


  • Creating customized interactive content  for all training and learning requirements

  • Repurposing  existing content by modifying it as per the customer’s  requirements

  • Using their in-house developed 4 click Rapid authoring & publishing tool. 

We take games seriously!

Games are an effective and enjoyable way to practice, learn and be motivated to acquire a foreign language

Marathon Group game engines include games such as:


  • Puzzles

  • Cross-word

  • Word / Vocabulary games

  • Flash-card games

  • Maze games

  • Memory games ( Pelmanism)

  • Tic Tac Toe

We test what we teach, we teach what we test!








Marathon Group is constantly faced with challenges creating placement and achievement tests based on international standards, validity, reliability and  score interpretations. The Group’s testing professionals give major attention to testing and integrating language skills as well as over-all language control. The experts in the Marathon Group specialize in standard tests such as TOFEL, IELTS and personalized placement /progress/and achievement tests.


The group offers exams and testing services such as:


  • Creating discrete item banks that can be mixed and matched and reused in order to create multiple tests.

  • Creating full customized tests

  • Keeping to standard compatible tests ( TOEFL, CET, IELTS and more) 


Delivering knowledge at the tip of the learners' fingers

Mobile learning (M-Learning) is fast changing the way people assemble, interact, and learn. M-Learning is location-neutral. It enables learners to learn, play, interact, and take assessments from anywhere.


Marathon Group offers applications as well as interactive content, learning games, and assessments for handheld devices such as iPad, iPhone, and Android.


Marathon Group’s team of Instructional Designers, Graphic Developers, and Media Programmers deliver high-quality, cost-effective, rich media products. The challenge of creating multimedia assets and optimizing them for different sized mobile devices is definitely an area in which Marathon Group has fast assumed a leadership position thanks to its team of experts who are engrossed in creating magic on screen.


Marathon Group’s M-Learning services include products such as:


  • Micro Courses (Nano courses)

  • Mobile Video based courses

  • Teacher trainer courses

  • Young learners’ courses

  • English for special purposes

  • Educational Mobile Games

  • Simulations and scenario-based learning



Writing professional digital content without sweating! 

Marathon Group, have figured out that if they don’t want content problems to sabotage projects, they have to plan ahead, use familiar tools for their writers (Microsoft Office as the authoring interface), make the workflow of experts and editors easy and ensure fast integration of the content and rich media to the product. Whether Marathon Group is creating the content for the clients or helping them create content on their own, it’s important to understand how writers think and how content flows smoothly from far flung experts to savvy writers and editors.


For newly created content solutions we provide:   


  • Predefined template layouts, which apply games and interactive activities for authors.

  • Templates that  provides automatic tagged scripts for media and graphics

  • A seamless link to XMLS and transportation of the data so that integration, and publishing is done automatically

  • A short training for writers on how to use the template